An industry stuck in the 20th century

Komgo is a Business Reporter client.

The financing of global trade is powered by an old-fashioned industry dependent on paper documents, physical signatures and postal services, and it’s struggling to compete in a modern, digital world.

The current international trading and financing environment is characterised by complexity, volatility, insecurity and low margins. Geopolitical tensions burden an already strained system.

Prices and working capital requirements are skyrocketing, transactional security is hard to achieve, firms are increasingly using creative reporting metrics, regulation is retrospective and information cannot be trusted without verification.

It’s in this context that Komgo, a new generation fintech solving problems for the trade finance industry, is ushering firms into the 21st century.

Komgo’s mission is to aggregate all transactions, trade data and documents, and integrate these with any corporate or bank system in the world.

By so doing, our elegant solutions are transforming internal processes and the relationships between importers, exporters, banks and all stakeholders in-between.

Through this masterclass series we explore how Komgo solutions are providing a common framework for the global adoption of digital trade services, while bringing trust and liquidity back to the market.

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