Go Live Data: The UK tech powerhouse pioneering end-to-end B2B marketing

It’s fair to say that Go Live Data is the fast becoming the UK’s frontrunner in delivering comprehensive, integrated marketing solutions that guide clients through the entire customer journey. Specialising in such, the team of twenty professionals provide corporate and SME clients with marketing and data services that optimise B2B marketing campaigns, boost engagement and drive business growth. As after all, isn’t that what marketing and data companies are supposed to do?

Going a step beyond to most competitors in their approach, Go Live Data’s view on B2B marketing is rooted in the concept of an integrated customer journey, involving the creation of a seamless experience for clients from the initial point of contact, the final purchase and beyond. This, tied with their ability to leverage data-driven insights extracted from the company’s unique technology and software, Go Live Data helps many businesses and corporations craft targeted marketing strategies that resonate with their audiences.

A key part of Go Live Data’s service is the execution of multi-channel campaigns. These campaigns utilise many platforms including email, social media, direct mail, and telemarketing, to reach new and existing clients at different touchpoints. For instance, a corporate client looking to promote a new software solution, might use Go Live Data to design an email campaign that targets IT managers, followed by a series of social media ads aimed at decision-makers, culminating in personalised direct mail to other high-value prospects. This multi-faceted approach ensures that the message is consistently reinforced across multiple channels, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Benefits to clients

For corporate clients, the benefits of Go Live Data’s end-to-end solutions are manifold. Firstly, the ability to integrate data from various sources allows for a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey. This holistic view enables them to work with their clients, to identify key touchpoints and optimise the marketing accordingly. The use of advanced analytics and AI-driven insights, ensures that campaigns are highly targeted and personalised, leading to higher engagement rates and an improved ROI.

Data Integration and analytics

Consider a large manufacturing company looking to expand its market reach. By partnering with Go Live Data, the company can integrate customer data from CRM systems, social media platforms, and website analytics. This integrated data is then analysed to identify patterns and preferences, enabling the company to tailor its marketing messages more effectively. The result is a more efficient allocation of marketing resources and a significant increase in leads and even sales.

Benefits to SME Clients

For SMEs, Go Live Data offers an equally compelling proposition. As smaller businesses often lack the resources to develop and execute sophisticated marketing strategies. Go Live Data’s comprehensive services level the playing field, providing SMEs with access to the same advanced tools and insights as their larger counterparts, with a tailored service to suit their business needs.

Offering scalable solutions

An SME in the tech industry, for instance, can leverage Go Live Data’s solutions to launch a targeted campaign aimed at small business owners in need of IT support. By utilising Go Live Data’s robust database and segmentation capabilities, the SME can identify and reach the most promising prospects, thereby maximising the impact of its marketing efforts and keeping within a realistic budget.

Expanding its horizons

Go Live Data’s reputation for excellence is not confined to the UK. The company’s B2B marketing data services are attracting a growing number of clients from the USA, eager to tap into the extensive UK Ltd and Plc client records that Go Live Data provides. American businesses looking to expand their operations into the UK market benefit immensely from this access, as it allows them to target potential customers with precision and efficiency.

Go Live Data is revolutionising how businesses engage with their customers. By providing end-to-end solutions that encompass every stage of the customer journey, corporate clients and SMEs are achieve their business goals. As the company’s services continue to attract international attention, Go Live Data is well-positioned to remain a leader in the B2B marketing tech industry, which is only just the beginning.

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