Revolutionising IT workflows: the imperative for AI-powered IT

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, organisations heavily rely on efficient IT workflows to ensure seamless operations. However, traditional IT workflows often fall short, burdened by high costs, staff shortages, burnout, repetitive tasks and a lack of time for strategic initiatives.

To address these challenges, the integration of AI-powered IT (AIT) has become a necessity. Like every game-changing technological innovation, AI adoption in the IT realm is not a matter of “if” but of “when” — but as with every innovation before it, it’s the early movers who will have a competitive advantage, the so-called edge.

The broken state of current IT workflows

The state of current IT workflows is undeniably broken, presenting numerous challenges that hinder organisational efficiency.

a) Costly maintenance of legacy systems: Organisations often find themselves allocating significant resources to maintain outdated legacy systems, hindering innovation and diverting funds from strategic initiatives. 28% of teams have over 6 months of technical debt, and many teams actually have much more than that.

b) Insufficient staff to address issues: With the ever-increasing complexity of IT infrastructure, the shortage of skilled IT professionals exacerbates the problem, leading to delays in issue resolution and reduced productivity.

c) Burnout and repetitive tasks: IT teams spend over 20 hours per week on repetitive tasks, such as patching, maintenance, permissions and more, which not only diminishes their job satisfaction but also prevents them from focusing on higher-value activities.

d) Lack of time for strategic initiatives: The continuous firefighting mode of IT departments leaves little room for proactive planning and strategic decision-making, hampering organisational growth. In fact, 60% of teams spend over 10 hours a week on creating and maintaining scripts, which amounts to a whole financial quarter of people hours.

An efficient IT helpdesk makes other IT investments worthwhile

An efficient IT helpdesk plays a crucial role in maximizing the value of other IT investments within an organisation. When the helpdesk operates smoothly and effectively, it ensures that employees have access to the support they need to resolve technical issues promptly.

Moreover, an efficient IT helpdesk can enhance the overall user experience within the organisation. When employees receive timely and effective support, they feel supported and valued by the IT department. This positive experience fosters a sense of trust and confidence in the IT systems and encourages employees to fully utilise the available resources. As a result, the organization can maximise the return on investment for its IT initiatives, as employees are more likely to embrace and leverage the technology to its fullest potential.

To scale up IT services, organizations need an AI-first approach. Atera has introduced the Atera Copilot and Autopilot for a new way of IT management. Technicians now gain a productivity boost and can optimise their performance with the Copilot by their side. They gain an advantage in troubleshooting by utilising real-time device diagnostics and AI-recommended actions. The Copilot makes them even better at what they are good at and lets them quickly master what the AI has suggested. Reduce manual triage and solve tickets 3X faster with the Copilot-suggested solutions and recommendations.

Empower your end users with an AI-powered helpdesk so you can spend time where it matters

AI has become a game-changer in the realm of IT helpdesks, and Atera’s IT management platform is at the forefront of this revolution. Empowering end users and employees with an AI-powered IT helpdesk revolutionises the way that organisations handle technical support and enhances the overall user experience. By leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, organisations can provide self-serve tools and knowledge bases that enable users to resolve common IT issues independently. This not only reduces the burden on IT staff but also empowers employees to take control of their technology needs, leading to faster issue resolution and increased productivity.

One of the key benefits of Atera’s AI-powered platform is the elimination of Tier-1 support. With the help of Atera’s Autopilot, end users can now troubleshoot and resolve Tier-1 issues independently, without the need for technician intervention. This not only empowers users to resolve their problems quickly but also frees up Tier-1 techs to focus on more complex tasks, effectively transforming them into Tier-2 technicians. By upskilling these techs with Atera’s Copilot, they can now handle some Tier-2 tasks with the assistance of AI, resulting in fewer tickets being escalated to IT managers.

The impact of Atera’s Autopilot and Copilot extends beyond the helpdesk. With Tier-1 support eliminated, IT managers have more time to invest in strategic initiatives such as ensuring cybersecurity hygiene, improving infrastructure and eliminating technical debt. This shift in focus allows organisations to leapfrog efficiency by 10X and beyond, leading to significant cost savings and operational improvements.

The benefits of Action AI in IT management are far-reaching. Organisations using Atera’s platform experience shorter service level agreements (SLAs), minimal to no downtime, smoother processes and non-siloed access to data across the organisation. This cross-organisational efficiency ultimately translates into profitability and cost savings.

Moreover, the improved efficiency and reduced manual work brought about by AI-driven automation contribute to the well-being of IT professionals, leading to increased job satisfaction. Additionally, employees benefit from better IT service, resulting in happier and more productive work environments.

Future-fit your IT ops with Action AI

In conclusion, the future of IT operations lies in harnessing the power of Action AI. By embracing AI-driven technologies like Atera’s IT management platform, organisations can future-fit their IT operations and stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

From simple commands to complex workflows and automation, Action AI empowers organisations to improve operational efficiency, enhance service quality, reduce downtime and accelerate decision-making processes.

By leveraging the capabilities of AI and automation, Atera’s IT management platform revolutionises the IT helpdesk landscape, enabling organisations to achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

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