Beyoncé sends flowers to little boy obsessed with her whereabouts in viral video

A little boy went viral after he professed to be best friends with none other than Beyoncé Knowles. Now, the Cowboy Carter songwriter has solidified their friendship by sending him a sweet surprise.

Last week, Philippines-based mother and content creator Bea Fabregas went viral when she shared footage of the amusing conversation she had with her two-year-old son, Tyler. In a video posted to TikTok, which has since been viewed more than 10 million times, Fabregas and her son were seen having a sweet pizza date when he began asking his mother about the Grammy-winning singer’s whereabouts.

“Where’s Beyoncé?” Tyler asked his mom, to which Fabregas aptly replied: “Beyoncé’s in her house, baby.”

However, it didn’t seem Fabregas’ answer was sufficient enough for Tyler when he asked: “Can I visit Beyoncé?”

“No, we don’t know her personally,” the radio host said. “She’s not mama’s friend. She doesn’t live here also, baby.”

Still, Tyler didn’t take no for an answer. “She’s our friend,” he informed his mom.

When Fabregas explained to her son that she’s never met the “Halo” singer, Tyler instead offered up the response: “Beyoncé is my friend.”

“Beyoncé is your friend?” Fabregas asked as Tyler nodded his head yes.

“Okay, well can you introduce me to Beyoncé?” she added.

When the influencer once again told her son that she doesn’t know Beyoncé personally, Tyler said back, pointing to himself: “She’s my friend.”

“I want to meet her,” he then exclaimed.

“I know, me too baby,” Fabregas responded. “Maybe one day we can meet her.”

Now, it seems that Tyler’s dreams have come true. Fabregas shared an update to her social media account on 24 April, revealing that the “Single Ladies” singer had sent her son a bouquet and a stuffed animal after viewing the viral video.

“For the record @beyonce and Tyler are now actually, officially friends!” she began her caption. The influencer shared a smiling photo of her two-year-old son posing next to the bouquet of blue flowers sent from Queen B herself, while another image showed Tyler playing with his brand new stuffed unicorn.

“Through the power of Queen B’s internet (millions of views and likes, it’s crazy!) she saw the video and sent over some of her favorite blue flowers, a new animal best friend for Tyler and the sweetest message that our family will now always treasure. In her note (which she started out with ‘To my friend Tyler’ ) she said, ‘I see your halo, Tyler,’” Fabregas said.

The mother of one explained that she was connected to Beyoncé through the pop star’s publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure. Schure had sent Fabregas an Instagram DM, informing her that the singer “loved the video” she posted of her son. In her caption, Fabregas thanked Schure for “thinking of our little family” and added how it “blows our mind” that Beyoncé sent him a gift.

“Thank you to everyone who shared it, commented, liked it,” Fabregas said. “Tyler may be too young to remember all this, but I’ll always remind him to dream big and shoot for the stars!! BEYONCE SENT MY BABY FLOWERS!!!!”

In the comments section, many fans and followers were overjoyed that Tyler’s wish of meeting Beyoncé was finally fulfilled. “He knows Beyonce!!!!!!” one person wrote, while another user said: “Beyonce is now officially your friend, Tyler!!!!”

The Independent has contacted Fabregas for comment.

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