Charge up savings on Anker’s power bank deals

You’re guaranteed the best price as Anker will refund you the difference if you find your product for cheaper on the site within 30 days of your purchase.

Anker is selling more than just deals, they’re offering peace of mind. You’ll never need to worry about running out of juice ever again because they have a charging solution for every need.

This year, they’ve got some unmissable deals on their smaller chargers and accessories as well as on portable power stations.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe


Always be travel ready with this one-stop wireless charging solution for all your Apple needs. You can simultaneously charge your iPhone, iWatch, and AirPods while benefiting from 15W ultra-fast charging through MagSafe.

Its foldable, ultra-compact design fits easily in the palm of your hand or your pocket and with interchangeable plugs, you can take it with you as you travel the world.

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Anker Nano Power Bank


Never forget your charging cable again as this power bank comes with a built-in USB-C cable.

With Anker’s 30W, two-way charging technology, you can achieve 50% battery life in as little as 30 minutes while charging the bank itself.

For the eco-conscious among us, it also boasts a greener approach, the exterior casing is made from 80% post-consumer recycled plastic.

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Anker 778 Thunderbolt Docking Station


This 12-in-1 unit will let you charge your laptop and other devices through their upstream ports while projecting to either four 4k displays or a single 8k monitor.

Additionally, it features two 5 Gbps USB-A ports, two 480 Mbps USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, an 8K HDMI 2.1 port, and two DisplayPorts.

The unit has security at its core, featuring a Kensington NanoSaver security slot that can be paired with a lock to securely anchor your docking station.

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Anker SOLIX range


Anker is very proud of its SOLIX range of products which harnesses solar and energy storage technology to power all your adventures. They’re crafted for adventure seekers, delivering reliable and portable energy to keep devices charged in the midst of thrilling journeys.

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Anker PowerHouse 555


The Anker PowerHouse 555 gives you the option to either charge using a standard outlet or through solar power providing practically limitless energy on your trips.

It’s perfect for camping, allowing you to power up to eight appliances and devices wherever you are, meaning a fresh cup of coffee is never too far away.

And while the PowerHouse is designed to keep you going for at least 10 years, Anker are offering up an extended five-year guarantee to give you added peace of mind.

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Anker SOLIX F2000 with Expansion Battery


If you’re serious about camping, or perhaps you’re considering back-up power for your home, then this is the product for you.

It can run a mini fridge for more than 60 hours and can be recharged fully using solar panels in just 2.5hours.

As well as three AC ports, the F2000 also has three USB-C charging ports, two USB-A ports, and two car outlets.

This product also comes with Anker’s extended five-year guarantee.

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There are lots more products on offer during, so make sure to visit their website to select the perfect charging solution for you.

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