Charles to attend Easter Sunday service as Kate Middleton to miss event – latest

Peter Phillips says Kate is ‘remarkable’ and makes a ‘fantastic team’ with William

King Charles III is set to return to public duties as he will attend an Easter service at the chapel at Windsor Castle with Camilla on Sunday.

The appearance will be the first major event for Charles, 75, since he was diagnosed with cancer in February.

However, the Prince and Princess of Wales are not expected to attend the event, amid Kate’s cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The news comes as a royal author said Prince Harry and Meghan Markle received a cool response from William following their text message of support in the wake of Kate’s cancer announcement.

The message, which was “engineered by the palace“ with the two brothers still estranged, reportedly had the tone of “two wary diplomats”.

According to royal expert Tom Quinn, the Sussexes contacted the Prince and Princess of Wales following the diagnosis but didn’t include any suggestion that they “should make up and let bygones be bygones”.

He added that it was “hardly the kind of warm, informal response” one may have expected.


The British royal family learns that if you don’t fill an information vacuum, someone else will

A media frenzy was born on Feb. 27, when the hashtag #WhereIsKate exploded online with speculation about the whereabouts of Britain’s Princess of Wales. It opened a rabbit hole of amateur detective work, memes, bizarre theories and jokes — mixed with genuine concern about Kate’s health — into which thousands of people descended until her announcement last week that she was recovering from cancer.

The episode offered the royal family — and everyone else — a lesson in the modern world of online media: If your silence leaves an information vacuum, others will rush to fill it. And the results may be messy.

“The royal family’s mantra is never complain, never explain,” said Ellie Hall, a journalist who specializes in covering Britain’s king and his court. “That really doesn’t work in a digital age. It doesn’t take much to get the crazy things going.”

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King Charles III and Queen Camilla to attend Easter Sunday service in Windsor

The appearance will be the first major event for Charles, 75, since he was diagnosed with cancer in February.

Officials said Tuesday Charles and Camilla will be accompanied by other members of the royal family at the Easter Sunday service at St. George’s Chapel.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain27 March 2024 07:30


From Blake Lively to Kim Kardashian: The celebrities called to apologise over Kate Middleton conspiracy jokes

At the time, Kate’s condition was not disclosed to the public, and the release of a photoshopped image of the princess and her children exacerbated the spread of conspiracy theories speculating on the reason behind her low profile.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain27 March 2024 07:00


William and Kate ‘not interested in drama’ of Harry visit amid cancer treatment

According to a report in the Daily Beast, the unidentified friend of the couple said they had been “clear they want peace and quiet… A visit from Harry, with all the drama that would bring, would be the opposite of that”.

Another friend of William and Kate was quoted as saying that “they have come to terms with the estrangement from Harry, and are content to let sleeping dogs lie”.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain27 March 2024 06:00


Kate Middleton and Prince William ‘extremely moved’ by support since cancer reveal

Kate, the Princess of Wales, and her husband, Prince William, are said to be “extremely moved” by the public’s warmth and support following her shocking cancer announcement as tributes continued to pour in Sunday from around the world.

After weeks of frenzied speculation on social media about her health and well-being, Kate said in a candid video message on Friday that she is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer following major abdominal surgery. The 42-year-old princess said the cancer discovery was a “huge shock” and she was now in the early stages of preventative chemotherapy.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain27 March 2024 05:00


What is preventative chemotherapy? Kate Middleton’s cancer treatment explained

Chemotherapy is a term used to describe the treatment of someone diagnosed with cancer and is used to kill cancerous cells – although Kate specifically used the term preventative chemotherapy.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain27 March 2024 04:00


Prince Harry named in $30m Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs sexual assault lawsuit

Combs, who faces a litany of sexual assault allegations, is said to have drawn guests to his infamous parties through his VIP associations with “celebrities such as famous athletes, political figures, artists, musicians and international dignitaries like British Royal, Prince Harry”, according to the legal notice.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain27 March 2024 03:00


Queen celebrates power of reading as she hails its health benefits

The Queen became the most senior royal to return to public-facing duties since the monarchy’s double cancer scare when she hosted an event celebrating the power of reading.

Camilla was the leading royal figure after the King’s enlarged prostate treatment and later cancer diagnosis, carrying out a string of royal engagements while the Prince of Wales supported his wife following surgery.

And she was back at work just a few days after the Princess of Wales’s shock news she is receiving cancer treatment but remaining hopeful.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain27 March 2024 02:00


Online trolls still targeting Kate ‘for not revealing cancer diagnosis sooner’

The Princess of Wales has been “revictimised” by online trolls, who have blamed her for not revealing her cancer diagnosis sooner, a leading social media expert has said.

It came after weeks of speculation and conspiracy theories regarding her absence from public duties.

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Carol Vorderman breaks down in tears during Princess of Wales cancer phone-in

Carol Vorderman breaks down in tears during Princess of Wales cancer phone-in

Carol Vorderman broke down in tears as she listened to a man’s heartbreaking phone call after his partner died from cancer. The man, named Harvey, recalled how his partner died from cancer during an LBC phone-in on Sunday (24 March). Listeners were able to speak of their own experiences of the disease to raise awareness after the Princess of Wales revealed her own cancer diagnosis. Visibly emotional and with tears in her eyes, the presenter said: “I am so sorry for you, to grieve for someone shows the amount of love that was there. Thanks for telling us about your wonderful, Brenda.”

Holly Evans26 March 2024 23:45

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