Colton Underwood reveals he and his husband used an unknown sperm donor

Colton Underwood spoke candidly about the intimate decision that he and his husband, Jordan C. Brown, made when planning to grow their family.

After announcing they were expecting a baby boy on May 21, the 32-year-old former Bachelor opened up about the specifics during an appearance on iHeartRadio’s The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever with Chris Harrison. According to Underwood, the priority was using a “healthy embryo” and knowing the sperm donor wasn’t important to them.

“We told our doctor to put the healthiest embryo in. And then for the next one, switch the genetics,” Underwood explained.

That said, the reality star believes the donor’s identity might be apparent once their baby is born.

He added: “I have a good chance we’re gonna be able to tell, but we sort of did that to protect ourselves. I didn’t want people coming up on the streets being like, ‘Whose is it?’ And we, like, look at each other. Like, it’s our kid and our baby.”

Underwood and Brown plan on having two children, he said. For the egg retrieval, the couple, who tied the knot in May 2023, had the eggs split “half and half” from a donor of their choosing. The pair wanted the egg donor to be “spontaneous and adventurous”.

Unfortunately, the TV personality received difficult news throughout the process. “When we first got tested, I actually had no sperm. The doctor at one point was like, ‘You have four and three of them are dead. I can make this one work,’” he confessed.

With the debut of his new podcast, Daddyhood, Underwood detailed the disappointment he felt about the news.

“I mean right away, my husband gets his results back for his sperm count and he had incredible, great numbers, and I got mine back and all my sperm was dead,” he explained. “And I think immediately I was just like, ‘Oh, what does this mean? It means I’m sterile and can’t have kids now.’ And it was not a great feeling.”

Underwood and Brown celebrated their first year of marriage together in the “traditional” sense. According to the Bachelor Nation favorite, the couple decided to honour their relationship with the gifts associated with each year of marriage.

“We’re following the traditional anniversary. I think [the] first year’s paper, so our gifts are going to be paper this year, whatever that means,” Underwood said.

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