Did a Group of Irish Tweens Write the Song of Summer?

After writing their verses, the Lisdoonvarna kids traveled to Cork to meet up with the Kabin Crew and film a music video to accompany the song, both groups dressing in colorful clothing and accessories. When they gathered in the morning, Heidi said, they were encouraged to decorate themselves with face paint and glow sticks.

Heidi wore a green bucket hat for the video, while Treasure performed with a pair of sunglasses that were perched atop her head before slowly sliding down to the bridge of her nose. “Grooving through my town, people be like ‘who are they?’. Moving to my music, yeah, that gets me through the day,” she raps.

In the final scenes of the music video, the kids perform on a bus. That wasn’t a set, Mercy , 9, explained. Instead, they boarded an operational city bus and turned it into an impromptu dance party. “The bus was moving so much and there were people on the bus recording us,” Kada , 10, said. “Everyone was looking at us like, ‘What are they up to? Those people aren’t OK,’” Heidi added.

Since it was posted online, the video has elicited reactions that have made the kids local celebrities with their classmates and teachers.

The Lisdoonvarna Crew had previously had a small taste of fame when its 2023 song “Let Me Do My Thing” landed the group a spot on an Irish television special, “The Late Late Toy Show,” at the end of last year. Still, the reaction to “The Spark” was on another level, the kids said, explaining that unlike the 2023 tune, this song and video attracted an audience that spread well beyond Ireland.

Mr. McCarthy, the producer, chalked the international success of “The Spark” up to its organic feel. “None of these kids are stage school kids, where they’re training to be actors or musicians. This is just their natural selves,” he said.

As for what’s next, the groups have a few live performances planned for this summer in Cork. Mr. McCarthy is also hoping to release the song on streaming platforms, he said.

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