For Some Couples, Marrying on Super Bowl Weekend Is a Win

Another benefit is that guests — particularly out-of-towners, who make up half of the couple’s 150-person guest list — will have a guaranteed place to watch the game. The brewery will close at 6 p.m. on Sunday for the watch party. “We didn’t want people to have to scramble to find a bar or cram into a hotel room to watch,” she said. “We’ll have a big projection screen and pub subs and chicken tendies and watch amongst barrels of beer.”

Ashley Morris, a destination wedding specialist who worked with Ms. Arvizu and Mr. Marquez to find a Super Bowl-friendly resort, said that Mexico and the Caribbean had become magnets for Super Bowl destination weddings in recent years.

“It’s a bigger deal there than you would think,” she said. “Most resorts will have a party, and there’s always a special food-and-drink scene happening around the teams, and sometimes music and entertainment.” The appeal is obvious to her. “It checks all the boxes,” she said. “It’s warm weather, people are thinking of Super Bowl weekend as a time for celebration anyway, and you can have a party you don’t have to plan for.”

But some wedding experts, including Slomique L. Hawrylo, the owner of Carpe Diem Events, still advise against it. Like Ms. Bybee, Ms. Hawrylo doesn’t like to see anyone’s bridal thunder stolen by a sporting event. But she has seen it happen at weddings before, especially those where guests fall under familiar gender stereotypes. “Even if it’s the weekend of the college basketball playoffs, not even the Super Bowl, I won’t be able to keep the attention of the men in the room,” she said. “No woman wants that. And men don’t want to have to stay in a hotel the night before the game. It becomes a thing.”

Other guests, however, may be less interested in the game and more intrigued by the baked-in romance between the pop star Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, Kansas City’s tight end. “I have a lot of Swiftie friends who don’t care at all about football,” Ms. Bell said. “They’re just coming to watch Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce” at the viewing party on Sunday.

In Mexico, most of Ms. Arvizu’s guests and bridal party — not to mention her new husband, Mr. Marquez — will be rooting for the 49ers. But for Ms. Arvizu as a newlywed, a nod at the famous couple’s romance seems fitting. “I’ll be wearing my red lipstick with my bikini,” she said. And, though she said she hates to admit it, the couple may have even inspired her to root for the Chiefs.

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