Gisele Bündchen on Healthy Eating and Unhealthy Relationships

“This is something that happens to a lot of women who get blamed when they have the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship and are labeled as being unfaithful,” Ms. Bündchen said. “They have to deal with their communities. They have to deal with their family. Of course for me, it just happens to be a little bit amplified.”

Ms. Bündchen waved off the particulars of her former relationship to make a broader point. “No one really knows what happens between two people, only the two people in the relationship,” she said. She noted that she has been divorced for almost 18 months. In that time, Mr. Brady has appeared to move on. Now she has, too.

Yes, she confirmed, she is dating someone, and it’s new, and she’s protective. “This is the first time I am seeing someone that was a friend of mine first,” she said. “It’s very different. It is very honest, and it’s very transparent.”

Before the surgeries, Ms. Bündchen vowed to transform her own health. Long before most of America realized juicing could be a verb, Ms. Bündchen drank her vegetables. She had been religious about workouts, building a pickleball court and a yoga pavilion at her beachside retreat in Costa Rica. Now she has focused on her strength.

When the movers came to pack up the home she shared with Mr. Brady, she demonstrated her newfound power, hoisting boxes and rolling out the furniture. She carried a table out to the truck. “Those guys! If you saw their faces,” she said, “they were like, ‘You’re crazy.’”

Her twin sister, Patricia, attested to Ms. Bündchen’s handiness and tenacity. “She has the ability to nail, screw, sand, fix anything,” she wrote in an email. “She really gets her hands dirty.”

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