Harry and Meghan ‘not trusted’ with Kate’s diagnosis as conspiracies slammed – live

Princess Kate announces cancer diagnosis

Prince Harry and Meghan reportedly learned of Kate’s cancer diagnosis through the announcement on television.

A source told The Times that the couple, who lead a strained relationship with the Prince and Princess of Wales, were not informed in advance of Friday’s statement.

And yesterday, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told The Sun he believed the decision was made due to a lack of trust in the Sussexes.

“The reason of course is that for some four years, they’ve caused endless problems for the Royal Family and so they can’t be trusted,” he said.

It comes as ludicrous conspiracy theories were spread on social media over Kate’s pre-recorded emotional video broadcast on Friday, in which she bravely revealed her abdominal surgery on 14 January had led to the discovery of cancer.

Some users on platforms like X have outrageously claimed the announcement was AI-generated.

Although shared by algorithms, they have been met by anger, including from the Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers who slammed the “cascade of conspiracy theories”.

He added: “We really need to take a look at ourselves as a society.”


King Charles in ‘good spirits’ – but recovery taking ‘longer than he would want it to’

King Charles’ nephew Peter Philips has spoken of his uncle’s recovery in an interview with Sky News Australia.

The son of the Princess Royal said the King was “frustrated” at the time of his recovery after his shock cancer diagnosis in February.

But he said he was in “good spirits” in the televised interview.

Mr Phillips, who was on a visit to Australia to represent the International Foundation for Arts and Culture, said: “I think ultimately he’s hugely frustrated.

“He’s frustrated that he can’t get on and do everything that he wants to be able to do.

“But he is very pragmatic, he understands that there’s a period of time that he really needs to focus on himself.

“But at the same time he is always pushing his staff and everybody – his doctors and nurses – to be able to say ‘actually can I do this, can I do that?’”

King Charles’ nephew Peter Philips spoke about his uncle during the interview

(Sky News Australia/PA Wire)

Alex Ross25 March 2024 11:09


Harry and Meghan

After reportedly not finding out about Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis until her announcement on Friday, the couple released a statement in which they said “we wish health and healting for Kate and the family”.

The couple, who live in California, were apparently not trusted with the news before it was broken.

At the weekend, it was reported by ITV’s royal editor, Chris Ship, that Harry had reached out to his brother since Friday, although he said it was not clear if had been a phone or video call, or some messages of support.

Harry is expected to return to the UK in May for an Invictus Games event.

Alex Ross25 March 2024 10:08


What next?

In Kate Middleton’s announcement on Friday, she described how the past couple of months had been tough for the entire family, adding that the diagnosis had comed as a huge shock.

She said her and wIlliam were “doing everything” to manage the issue privately for th sake of their family.

The couple are reportedly to spend their children’s four-week Easter school break at Amner Hall before William goes back to public duties in April.

An aid said: “The family just want to go away for Easter, spend time together, the five of them, close off from the world and move on.”

Alex Ross25 March 2024 09:35


‘Did we learn nothing from Diana’

Strong piece in The Sunday Times yesterday from journalist Matthew Syed who wrote of the impact of the spread of “mad rumours” over Kate Middleton.

Fewer than half of the UK population are on X or TikTok, and only a small proportion create any content at all, he said.

So why are the algorithms giving voice to the “tiny group of idiots and bots” spurting our outrageous claims, he asked.

He argued that the mainstream media needed to gain a new handle on the digital world to stop the spread of such sensational content which leave society “stupider and crueller”.

Alex Ross25 March 2024 09:17


Widespread condemnation over conspiracy theories

As if most weren’t sick enough of the wild conspiracy theories that followed Kate Middleton since she’d been in hospital for abdominal surgery in January, over the weekend more emerged about Friday’s broadcast.

We’re not going to share the content of such wild claims, but they have led to widespread condemnation.

The Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers slammed the “cascade of conspiracy theories” that he said were created by people who have “absolutely no information”.

Matthew Syed, writing in the Sunday Times, said he couldn’t help contrasting the “quiet dignity” of Kate revealing her cancer diagnosis with the “lurid gossip of those who [have] taunted her”.

Imran Ahmed, chief executive of the Centre for Countering Digital Hate, was concerned baseless claims were reaching “millions and millions of people.

She said: “What really, I think, annoyed me was seeing that she was then being revictimised by being blamed for not having come out immediately.”

Alex Ross25 March 2024 09:06


A few things we learned over the weekend

Friday’s late announcement by Kate Middleton led to a change in plan for all major newspapers editors planning the weekend’s editions, and it certainly felt, reading Sunday’s coverage, that many were still catching up with what had happened.

Here’s some of the key points we’ve picked out from yesterday’s newspapers:

  • The Sunday Times reported that Hary and Meghan were not informed in advance about Kate’s cancer diagnosis, and found out at the same time as the public.
  • The recorded announcement broadcast by Kate was composed herself with no input from her advisers.
  • The King Charles hopes to “ramp up” his royal activities in early summer, and plans to attend Easter service, as is tradition, this Sunday.
  • While in the London Clinic hospital in January, Kate and the King shared many “heart-to-heart” chats

Alex Ross25 March 2024 08:20


Inside Amner Hall: Kate and William’s retreat where they will focus on family during cancer fight

As Kate and her family take time away from the public eye during her treatment, we take a look at where the five will be finding sanctuary.

The five are believed to be retreating to Amner Hall in Norfolk, which was a wedding present to the Waleses from the Queen, to focus on their young family as the princess convalesces.

The Georgian country house, which is part of the Sandringham Estate in the village of Anmer, is one of a number of properties that the Prince and Princess of Wales have at their disposal across England.

The young family relocated to Adelaide Cottage, a Grade II-listed four-bedroom house just a 10-minute walk from Windsor Castle, in autumn 2022.

Barney Davis25 March 2024 07:49


Kate Middleton’s parents ‘perfect antidote’ and will rally around Princess of Wales- Expert

Carole and Michael Middleton, Kate’s parents, will be rallying around their daughter forming the perfect antidote to the “pomp and pageantry” of the royal family after Kate’s shock cancer diagnosis, according to a royal expert.

Royal commentator and biographer Duncan Larcombe told the Mirror: “I think Carole and Michael will be supporting the family a lot. I think they were made aware of [the cancer] when Kate was made aware of it, and have played an important part in supporting the family since.

“William is very much like the adopted son to Carole and Michael Middleton – and he always has been.”

He added: “The Middletons are the perfect antidote really to the pomp and pageantry of the Royal Family, because they are quite an ordinary family unit, which will be important to help aid Kate’s recovery. I think what we will see now over the next coming weeks and months is William really focusing on the Middleton family and really being that adopted son.”

(PA Wire)

Barney Davis25 March 2024 07:34


What is preventative chemotherapy? Kate Middleton’s cancer treatment explained

Chemotherapy is a term used to describe the treatment of someone diagnosed with cancer and is used to kill cancerous cells – although Kate specifically used the term preventative chemotherapy.

Barney Davis25 March 2024 07:12


Kim Kardashian under pressure to apologise for Kate Middleton joke

Kim Kardashian is being pressed to apologise and take down her “insensitive” post about Kate Middleton after the royal announced on Friday that she is battling cancer.

On 17 March, the reality starposted a photo of herself posing in front of a luxury car, while she was wearing leather pants and a black crop top. “On my way to go find Kate,” she captioned the post.

Read the full article here:

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