How to Keep Your Friendships Intact While Wedding Planning

“Planning an elaborate bachelor or bachelorette party may not be feasible for every person, whether it’s the time away from work, time away from their family or the financial commitment of those types of gatherings,” Ms. Nichols said.

Those asked to join a wedding party should be upfront. “Saying something like, ‘I really appreciate you asking me, I’m honored and grateful and I’d like to chat more about what this will entail before I give you my response, just to make it fair for both of us,’ can be a great starting point,” said Jen Glantz, the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. Ms. Glantz, who lives in Brooklyn, has been a professional bridesmaid in more than 100 weddings over the last decade.

Friendship issues between men can look a bit different, said Dustin Sitar, the managing editor of The Groom Club, a website dedicated to grooms. There may be disagreements over what is an acceptable bachelor party, for example, and how much partying is too much. But here, too, communication is key.

Mr. Sitar, who started his website two years ago after feeling unprepared during his own wedding journey, suggested “being upfront and honest with your friends about the role they’re going to play, your expectations, and let them know that you’re going to be flexible.”

Groomsmen “have to lean into being a friend,” he added. “You have to talk to the groom like, ‘Hey, how can I help out?’ Understand during that day there will be plenty of time, of course, to have fun but that you have responsibilities along the way.”

Money can be a major point of contention during wedding planning and is often a difficult subject to bring up. While you may readily dive into the nitty-gritty of work challenges, romantic life and familial issues with your dearest friends, having an honest conversation about money with those same people can feel unbearably awkward. But it needs to take place.

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