Injured border collie that was sold to butcher shop rescued by woman

A woman in China rescued an injured border collie that was sold to a butcher to be slaughtered after its cruel owner decided to swap the dog for 20kg of pork.

Ms Liu found the poor pup tied up in a sack after it had been left in the corner of a butcher’s shop in Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia.

The collie had previously been used to help herd cattle, but after it suffered a broken leg in a car accident, its owner decided to get rid of it rather than pay a bill at the vet.

He took the injured dog to the butcher and exchanged it for meat.

Ms Liu said although its previous owner let down the pup, she had decided to give it a new chance of life.

She gave it the name Xin Xin – the Chinese word for “new” – and with the help of professionals, has devised a physical therapy plan that will help the dog walk again.

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