Kate ‘turns corner’ in cancer treatment as Harry message defending Meghan removed

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Following reports that the Princess of Wales had been “out and about” with family in recent days as she continues her course of preventative chemotherapy, some speculation has turned to when Kate will return to official engagements.

Though some conflicting reports suggest Kate could return as early as autumn and as late as into the new year, the Palace and royal insiders have been keen to stress that no official comeback date has been planned.

However, according to Vanity Fair, the royal has recently “turned a corner” with her treatment and is feeling a lot better.

“It has been a great relief that she is tolerating the medication and is actually doing a lot better,” the publication reported. “It has, of course, been a very challenging and worrying time. Everyone has rallied around her—William, her parents, and her sister and brother.”

While Kate was understood to be the driving force behind last week’s landmark early years project, it is understood that Kate is in no hurry to return to work, and remains focused on recovering.

Meanwhile, the official website for the royal family no longer includes a 2016 statement Prince Harry released in defence of his then-girlfriend, Meghan Markle. Through his press secretary, Harry had accused the media of turning his relationship into a public spectacle.


What’s in the Royal Diary today?

The Royal Diary, which is circulated by Buckingham Palace, sets up a rather quiet day ahead for the royal family.

The Duke of Gloucester is set to attend two engagements.

Prince Richard, who is the late Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, will open a dental facility at the University of Suffolk on Thursday before attending a nearby county show in Ipswich.

Athena Stavrou30 May 2024 08:19


Kate wanted people ‘to see she was doing okay’ in cancer video

The poignant footage came in March following weeks of speculation about Kate’s whereabouts after she stepped back from public duties for planned abdominal surgery.

The revelation was made by insiders to Vanity Fair alongside the revelation that the Princess has now “turned a corner” in her cancer treatment.

Princess Kate announces cancer diagnosis

Emma Guinness30 May 2024 08:00


Royal family removes Harry and Meghan statement from website

The royal family has removed a historic statement confirming Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship from their website.

The statement, from Prince Harry’s spokesperson in 2016, confirmed that the pair were together and requested for the “wave of abuse and harassment” Meghan was facing to stop.

It cited “racial undertones of comment pieces” and “outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.”

Maroosha Muzaffar30 May 2024 07:00


Why Meghan Markle’s lifestyle brand was always going to be a success

The Duchess of Sussex announced she’s launching a new lifestyle brand, and fans are anxiously waiting for its arrival. Amber Raiken speaks to experts about the brand’s savvy marketing strategy and how it’s a recipe for success:

Maroosha Muzaffar30 May 2024 06:30


Kate Middleton’s family ‘rally round’ her amid cancer battle

Sources close to the Princess told Vanity Fair that she has now “turned a corner” in her treatment after being supported by her immediate family.

“It has been a great relief that she is tolerating the medication and is actually doing a lot better,” a family friend said. “It has, of course, been a very challenging and worrying time. Everyone has rallied around her – William, her parents, and her sister and brother.”

Kate has reportedly ‘turned a corner’ in her cancer battle
Kate has reportedly ‘turned a corner’ in her cancer battle (Getty Images)

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How Harry can repair his relationship with King Charles, royal insider reveals

King Charles won’t heal the rift with Harry and Meghan “anytime soon”, says a royal insider – but there is a way forward for the father and son.

Robert Hardman is the author of Charles III: New King, New Court, The Inside Story, which was published in January this year and gave an insight into the first year of the King’s reign.

Speaking at Hay Festival, Hardman suggested that Harry’s explosive memoir Spare is still casting a long shadow over family relations. “The problem that exists is, at the moment, there is still a trust issue. People are still very wounded, particularly Prince William, that these intimate private childhood family moments all spilled out in Harry’s book,” Hardman said.

“It’s not what Harry said, it’s the fact that he said it, and he gave away so many secrets. And he was, effectively, at the time of the Queen’s death, you know, he was taking notes.”

Hardman also suggested that Harry hadn’t told the full story – but there might be a cynical reason for that. “If you do read that book, and as I said it’s amazing, but if you get to the bit about his wedding to Meghan, it boils down really to about four or five pages. Now, as an author, that says to me one thing and one thing only: part two might be on its way.”

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Royal photographer claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was a ‘miserable day’

A royal photographer has opened up about what it was like to take the wedding photos for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

In a recent interview with The Sun, photographer Arthur Edwards explained that six years after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, he can now admit that the wedding was “miserable” for him.

“The day was a miserable day,” Edwards told the interviewer. “I can tell you now it was the worst royal wedding I ever did. Because Harry was determined to keep the newspapers away from it as much as possible.”

The couple’s wedding took place in 2018 at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, where Edwards noted that all of the photos had to be taken at a distance, which didn’t allow for the best conditions to work with.

“Everything was done on long lenses. I had 800 millimeter lens photographing the guests arriving. The photographers they engaged for the job was five feet away. It was just hopeless,” he said.

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ICYMI: William and Kate concerned over Harry and Meghan’s increasing closeness to Beatrice and Eugenie

William and Kate are reportedly uneasy over the growing closeness between Harry and Meghan and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Royal author Tom Quinn was quoted as saying by The Mirror: “For William and Kate an alliance between Harry and Meghan and Beatrice and Eugenie is a huge worry.”

He said: “Although Harry and Meghan have little sympathy for Prince Andrew, they’ve kept in regular contact with Beatrice and Eugenie who have always been free of any associations with Meghan’s angry, bitter time in the UK.”

Maroosha Muzaffar30 May 2024 04:30


King Charles and Queen Camilla enjoy ‘secret’ outing to watch play about family betrayal

It’s usually royal family drama in the spotlight, but yesterday the King was able to enjoy being a spectator as he watched student actors perform a play about family betrayal.

In recent years, the Windsors have been at the centre of some very public rows, but on Tuesday night the 75-year-old was allowed to watch another dramatic tale unfold.

Attending his first major public event since Rishi Sunak called a general election, Charles and Camilla visited a student performance of House Of Ife by Beru Tessema at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Rada).

The play follows a family in the wake of the sudden death of their eldest son. The tense story sees characters “forced to confront the traumas they have long tried to bury”.

“As the sun beats down on their North London flat, and the authoritarian head of the family arrives from Ethiopia for the funeral, tensions rise, cultures clash and past betrayals are unearthed,” the RADA website describes the production as.

Read the full story here:

Maroosha Muzaffar30 May 2024 03:58


Queen Elizabeth did not approve of Meghan Markle’s wedding dress

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward said the late Monarch thought the gown was “too white” for someone who was entering their second marriage.

“In the monarch’s view, it was not appropriate for a divorcée getting remarried in [a] church to look quite so flamboyantly virginal,” Seward wrote in an extract of her book published by the Daily Mail.

Queen Elizabeth reportedly thought Meghan Markle’s wedding dress was ‘too white’
Queen Elizabeth reportedly thought Meghan Markle’s wedding dress was ‘too white’ (Getty Images)

Emma Guinness30 May 2024 03:00

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