Kenneth Cole hilariously reacts to George Santos outfit

Kenneth Cole hilariously reacted to George Santos’ outfit on Threads.

As Congress prepares to vote to expel Republican Rep George Santos of New York, the disgraced politician was seen on Capitol Hill wearing a burgundy red blazer layered on top of a black sweater and button-down. Below a picture of the congressman, clothing brand Kenneth Cole wrote on Threads that Santos’ outfit was “expulsion chic.”

Threads users added that Santos looked like he could be “Dr. Evil’s stylist” from Austin Powers. Another joked, “Hint: He liked it so much he bought the company,” referencing one of the former congressman’s many lies about his fortune.

This week, the House of Representatives will hold a vote on a resolution to expel the embattled Santos. If two-thirds of the House votes against Santos, he will be forced out of Congress.

Throughout his first year in office, Santos battled calls for his resignation after revelations of his lies and fraudulent actions were exposed shortly after he was elected.

The embattled congressman fabricated the majority of his identity and resume, leading the Justice Department to indict him in May of this year with an estimated two dozen federal charges, including allegations such as stealing from campaign donors as well as using campaign contributions for personal expenses, and unemployment benefit collection fraud among others.

In a separate report from the House Ethics Committee released in November, lawmakers reportedly collected “overwhelming evidence” that the embattled congressman violated federal law. They alleged that he “sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his House candidacy for his own personal financial profit.”

Although Santos has survived two previous expulsion attempts, the forthcoming third vote poses a bigger threat than any of the other charges he’s faced before. On 28 November, Santos – who pleaded not guilty to all criminal counts – admitted to CBS News’ Nikole Killion that he believes that the threat of expulsion is far stronger. He said that his House colleagues believe that those who want him out “have the votes.”

When asked by Killion if he’d have to leave immediately if the motion was passed, Santos replied: “I have to, that’s part of the process. I respect the process.”

In the event that he is expelled, Santos wouldn’t be barred from running for Congress again. According to a report from the Congressional Review Service, expulsion from Congress doesn’t have any additional penalties beyond removal.

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