Late Night Can’t Get Enough of Trump Being Held in Contempt (Again)

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On Monday, the judge in Donald Trump’s criminal trial held him in contempt for the 10th time, threatening jail time if the former president continues to violate a gag order.

Jimmy Kimmel said that he thinks Trump will end up in jail “because he can’t stop talking about the case. It’s like trying to get a dog to stop licking itself.”

“And now there’s no way Trump is going pick Kristi Noem, but he wants to keep her around in case one of the other lap dogs stops obeying his commands. Kristi can drag them to the rock quarry and put them down.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Dear Lord, this woman has a taste for dog blood. It’s like she thought ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’ was a personal challenge.” — JORDAN KLEPPER

“I’m not a political expert, but I think if I had to give a politician advice, I would say the top thing is to not shoot your puppy. The second top thing would be to not write about shooting your puppy.” — JORDAN KLEPPER

“I really love that she thinks she still has a shot. I mean, she had a shot — she used it on her dog.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“It’s really kind of a shame she didn’t meet Kim Jong-un, because if anyone would be on her side when it comes to dog killing, I mean, that’s the guy.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

The actress Laura Linney discussed getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday’s “Tonight Show.”

The comedian Cole Escola will appear on Tuesday’s “Late Night.”

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