Late Night Looks Forward to the Trump-Biden Debates

“Yep, Biden and Trump will meet June 27 on CNN, and one of Biden’s debate conditions was not having an audience, so that explains why it’s on CNN.” — JIMMY FALLON

“Biden is looking forward to laying out his 2024 agenda, while Trump is just happy to go somewhere where nobody will draw him while he sleeps.” — SETH MEYERS

“Trump jumped right on the offer, posting, ‘Just tell me when — I’ll be there. Let’s get ready to rumble!’ Rumble? I’ve seen your rallies. I think you mean, ‘Let’s get ready to ramble.’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Cast members from the new Broadway adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” performed the song “My Green Light” on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.”

The actor and humorist Nick Offerman will appear on Thursday’s “Daily Show.”

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