Megan Stalter’s Scorpio Ring

Megan Stalter has lost almost every piece of jewelry she’s ever owned.

But she’s determined to flip the script on the Scorpio signet ring that she wore for a recent interview with The New York Times. Ms. Stalter’s girlfriend wears the another ring just like it.

Ms. Stalter found the matching rings at a store in Hollywood that sells jewelry, greeting cards and crystals. She was looking for a piece she could wear to pay homage to her girlfriend while filming “Too Much,” a forthcoming Netflix series by Lena Dunham, in which Ms. Stalter has a starring role.

Ms. Stalter also stars as the titular, leopard-coat-wearing character in the recently released film “Cora Bora.” And she has stolen many scenes in her supporting role on “Hacks,” the comedy series, over its three seasons on Max.

The 33-year-old actress, in an interview that has been edited and condensed, talked about the ring that she has refused to lose, and why it is worth holding onto.

Tell me about the jewelry you’re wearing.

It’s a Scorpio ring that matches a ring I gave to my girlfriend, who is a Scorpio. It was a secret sign to show her that I was thinking of her in all of the scenes in the last show I did.

Did you wear it while you were filming?

I made it a really big deal on set for me to be able to wear the ring. I said, “I really need my character to wear this ring; it’s really important to me that the character has this ring because someone in the character’s life must have given it to her.”

Everyone was kind of like, Why does she care about that ring so much? It wasn’t something the character naturally would wear. So I had to have a whole story about it, and I was like, “Yeah, I feel like someone gave it to her. “

They didn’t mind if I wore it, but they wanted to find a replica ring because they want to have backup stuff in case you lose the original. But they couldn’t find one — I even told them what store I bought it at. They couldn’t get another one. And I’m like, “OK, I guess we have the only two.”

Your girlfriend is a Scorpio. What’s your sign?

I’m a Virgo, but they didn’t have that option.

Had you been searching for a ring for the two of you, specifically? Or did you come across the Scorpio ring and get that idea?

I wanted to get something for us that’s matching because I was going away for a big job. I wanted us to have the same thing to look at. It reminded me of her, so I wanted to be wearing it.

I’m not a ring person. It’s nice to have one that means a lot. I’m really proud of myself that I haven’t lost the ring because it’s important to me.

Did wearing the ring while filming “Too Much” ever take you out of character? Did it help you get into character?

I’m wearing it during earlier parts of my character’s life in the show, not in the whole show. So wearing the ring actually did make me think, this is her younger. But the ring’s real meaning is for me.

The costume is such a big part of the character. When you put on the stuff, it feels different than your own clothes. My dresser in the show actually told me that people are warmer in their own clothes. Costumes are not yours, so you don’t feel as warm.

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