Meghan Markle and Prince Harry unveil 2023 Christmas card

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ringing in the holiday season with their 2023 Christmas cards.

On Friday 15 December, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex sent out an email with their virtual Christmas cards on behalf of their Archewell organisation. “We wish you a very happy holiday season. Thanks for all the support in 2023!” the card reads.

The e-holiday card also features a link to their charities annual impact report, including a video of all of their major projects from the last year. For the photo on the card itself, Meghan and Harry chose a photo of the two of them from the closing ceremony of the 2023 Invictus Games, which took place in Düsseldorf, Germany, back in September.

Harry is seen wearing an all black suit complete with a black shirt while Meghan was wearing a green strapless dress.

The card’s release comes a couple of hours after a judge found that Harry was the victim of phone hacking and awarded him damages in his latest battle with the media.

Former editor Piers Morgan, who was named in the judgement, has since denied hacking phones and launched a blistering attack on the prince, accusing him of attempting to “destroy the British monarchy”.

In an extraordinary statement outside his home, the TalkTV host said: “As I’ve consistently said for many years now, I’ve never hacked a phone or told anyone else to and nobody has provided any actual evidence to prove that I did.”

In a statement following his win, Harry said: “I’ve been told that slaying dragons will get you burned but in light of today’s victory and the importance of doing what is needed for a free and honest press, it is a worthwhile price to pay. The mission continues.”

Meghan and Harry also aren’t the only members of the royal family to unveil a holiday card. On Saturday 9 December, the Prince and Princess of Wales posted their annual Christmas card to Instagram with a caption that read: “Our family Christmas card for 2023.” The photo was in black and white with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s family all wearing matching outfits consisting of white-collared shirts and dark coloured pants.

Princess Charlotte and her younger brother Prince Louis were also twinning in canvas sneakers. William and Kate each placed an arm around their sons while Charlotte took centre stage in a chair.

With over two million likes, many people directed their attention to the royal couple’s children and how grown up they appeared. Many of the comments specifically focused on Charlotte, with people unable to decide whether she looked more like her father or her mother.

“Princess Charlotte looks just like her father, Prince George his mom, and Prince Louis is simply the both of them,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “The children look so grown up. Charlotte is the image of her dad and Louis his mom.”

Other commenters gushed over how much Charlotte has grown up. “Charlotte is gorgeous and looks like a young Queen Elizabeth,” one commenter wrote.

“Shocks Princess Charlotte is now a lady,” another one agreed.

“Wow Prince George is going to be a heartthrob like his father the Prince of Wales. Princess Charlotte is going to be gorgeous like her mummy. Prince Louis adorable as always,” a third commenter pointed out.

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