Photo agencies pull Mother’s day picture of Kate over ‘manipulation’ fears

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The first picture of the Princess of Wales after her surgery has been pulled by major picture agencies over fears it has been manipulated.

The image, taken by Prince William in Windsor this week, was released by the royal family to mark Mother’s Day and showed Kate smiling surrounded by her three children.

But just hours after it was posted on social media, picture agencies including the Associated Press and Reuters issued a “kill notice” over the image and asked its clients to remove it from all platforms.

“At closer inspection it appears that the source has manipulated the image,” AP said. “Clients please be advised that the following story has been killed and should no longer be used”.

Eagle-eyed royal fans had earlier claimed that the sleeve of Princess Charlotte’s cardigan did not line up and suggested it had suffered an editing fail.

A caption on the Instagram post, which has not been taken down, reads: “Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the last two months. Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day.”


Questions raised over Kate photo

Questions have been raised that the first picture of the Princess of Wales to be released after her abdominal surgery may have been manipulated before it was posted on social media by Kensington Palace.

The photo of Kate, said by the palace to have been taken by the Prince of Wales in Windsor earlier this week, was posted to mark Mother’s Day and shows her sitting with her arms around Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, who are on either side of her, with Prince George standing behind.

The photograph was shared with media on Sunday but was withdrawn by international picture agencies later the same day because of concerns that the image had been manipulated. There was speculation that edits had been made to the left sleeve of Charlotte’s cardigan, and other areas of the picture also raised concerns about possible manipulation.

Confusion over the picture could fuel ridiculous online conspiracies about Kate which have been swirling on the internet since her surgery.

Kensington Palace has declined to comment.

(Prince of Wales )

Katy Clifton10 March 2024 23:33


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In full: Palace silent after picture agencies pull first image of Kate after surgery over editing fears

Several major international picture agencies have pulled the first official photograph of the Princess of Wales post-surgery over concerns that it could have been manipulated.

Buckingham Palace remained silent last night after Getty, Associated Press, Reuters and AFP removed the image and advised clients to remove it from all their platforms.

Matt Mathers11 March 2024 00:45


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Palace could have made conspiracy theories ‘100x worse’ – Piers Morgan

Buckingham Palace will have made conspiracy theories about Kate worse if it has manipulated the image, Piers Morgan has said.

“If, as this astounding @AP kill notice claims, the Palace manipulated that Kate photo to quash all the wild conspiracy theories about her, then they’ll have just made things 100x worse,” he wrote on X.

Matt Mathers11 March 2024 00:15


UK agency does not kill photo

A UK-based agency has not killed the photo of the Princess of Wales.

A spokesperson for the Press Agency said it would continue to distribute the image but was seeking urgent clarification from Kensington Palace.

Matt Mathers11 March 2024 00:01


Press Association ‘seeking urgent clarification’

A spokesperson for the Press Association news agency said it had not killed the picture on its service, but was seeking urgent clarification from Kensington Palace about the concerns raised about manipulation.

Katy Clifton10 March 2024 23:37


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