Popcast (Deluxe): Did Dua Lipa Flop? + Miserable Pop Music Films

This week’s episode of Popcast (Deluxe), the weekly culture roundup show on YouTube hosted by Jon Caramanica and Joe Coscarelli, includes discussion of:

  • The imperfect rollout of Dua Lipa’s latest album, “Radical Optimism,” and how the narrative around it became poisoned before it was even released

  • Dua Lipa’s career of smooth and frictionless pop

  • The current pop marketplace favoring eccentricity, humor and meme-ability

  • What it will take for Dua Lipa to break free of her cycle

  • The struggle of making movies about pop music, including “Back to Black,” the new biopic about Amy Winehouse and “The Idea of You,” about a divorced woman who falls for an aging boy band star

  • Snack of the week

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