Pregnant bride uninvites mom from her wedding after she calls dress ‘ridiculous’

A bride uninvited her mother and aunt from her wedding after they told her she looked ridiculous during a dress fitting.

On a recent post to the Am I The ***hole Reddit forum, the bride asked users if she was a “bridezilla” for uninviting her mother and aunt after they hurt her feelings. She began the post: “Alright, I really need to know whether I’ve turned into a bridezilla, if hormones are causing me to be overly sensitive, or if I’m just an [***hole].”

She shared that she and her fiancé were high school sweethearts who recently found out that they were expecting. “It came as a surprise, but we’re both really happy about it. With the wedding already having been planned, however, I’ll definitely be showing quite a bit during my wedding,” she said.

To accommodate her incoming baby bump, the bride wrote that her best friend modified her dress.

“After I put on the dress, I was so happy because it looked amazing! It doesn’t try to hide my pregnancy belly, but it made everything look so elegant,” the bride continued, adding that she invited her mother and aunt to come to the fitting.

But neither of them was impressed, in fact, she wrote that her mother burst out laughing at the sight of her and immediately told her that she would be better off postponing the wedding.

“My mom and aunt started laughing, saying I looked ridiculous and that it’d be better to postpone the wedding until after I give birth,” she recalled. “Besides the fact that postponing the wedding means we’ll have to wait at least another year because the venue is so popular and pretty much always booked, I thought I looked beautiful so their comments really hurt me.”

Upset by their unkind words, the bride wrote that she gave them a choice: apologise to her or they’re uninvited to wedding.

She explained: “I told my mom and aunt that they’re being incredibly rude and that they’re not welcome at my wedding unless they apologise, but they responded by saying I’m overreacting and that I need to learn to take a joke.”

Rather, the pair doubled down on their comments, claiming that they had the bride’s best interest at heart and were only trying to be honest with her. She wrote: “They’re just trying to make sure I have the perfect wedding that I won’t regret later, and that my pregnancy hormones are making me make bad decisions.”

She asked users whether or not she overreacted, and was met with an outpour of support. Some commenters noted that the right thing for her family to do would have been to simply tell her she looked beautiful instead of ridiculing her.

“The only correct response to a final wedding dress fitting is ‘you look beautiful,’” one person wrote. “At most, you can suggest minor changes to the dress, if something still doesn’t look quite right, but you never tell the bride they ‘look ridiculous.’ Or suggest postponing the wedding. That is so far beyond the bounds of civility that I’d assume a person who said those things to you is a sworn enemy. To have that come from your family? I can’t imagine how painful that was.”

“They were totally out of line, and I admire your shiny spine,” someone else added. “Don’t give up. They are not welcome at your beautiful wedding. (Note: They weren’t joking.)”

However, others noted that while her feelings were valid, she may regret being hasty and not having them at their wedding. Another commenter asked: “Will you be upset later if your mom and aunt aren’t at the wedding? If so, perhaps it’s an overreaction. Still, they should apologise.”

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