Rachel Dolezal loses teaching job over Only Fans account

Rachel Dolezal has lost her teaching job after her explicit pictures from her Only Fans began making rounds on social media.

Ms Dolezal – once an African Studies professor in Washington State and the head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP – became infamous after she was exposed for pretending to be a light-skinned black woman, achieving the look by getting perms and spray tans.

She had disappeared into relative obscurity, until now. Now known as Nkecki Diallo after changing her name in 2017, she began to teach at Catalina Foothills Unified School District in Tucson, Arizona in August 2023.

The school district recently fired her after the content of her OnlyFans account began to spread like wildfire online, posted to platforms like Reddit. In one explicit photo posted to Reddit, Ms Dolezal could reportedly be seen suggestively posing by a Christmas tree. It appeared that she had a public Instagram page where she had linked an Only Fans page she seemingly owned. The OF account was linked alongside her book, podcast, and her Netflix documentary.

She initially launched her Only Fans page in 2021 for the cost of $9.99 monthly, offering “fans” fitness videos, hair tutorials, and “foot pics.” As recently as Wednesday (14 Feb), Ms Dolezal wrote on her Only Fans, “Happy Valentine’s Day fans…I dropped a package of love in your DMS.” In the past, she’s reportedly offered content including an “18-image explicit collection, AND a video of self-pleasure to orgasm under the Christmas tree” as well as “35 pics of DaBoo-Tay & 2 videos of the TaTa’s,” according to screenshots from the Outkick.

She was reportedly working at Sunrise Drive Elementary as a “part-time after-school extended day instructor” and a substitute teacher. As of this week, a spokesperson from the Catalina Foothills School District informed the Daily Beast that Ms Dolezal was “no longer” working for them. They explained, “Her posts are contrary to our district’s ‘Use of Social Media by District Employees’ policy… and our staff ethics policy.”

In 2014, she first made international headlines when a local news reporter asked her point-blank, “Are you African American?” Although Ms Dolezal initially played dumb, she walked away when the reporter asked her if both of her parents were white.

She became a national punchline after her fraudulent narrative was exposed, and it was revealed that she had been a white woman all along. At the time, she claimed she was “trans-Black,” explaining to the Washington Post that she was “biologically born white to white parents, but I identify as Black.”

That summer, Ms Dolezal’s white parents spoke with the New York Times about her odd choice of identity.

“She’s clearly our birth daughter, and we’re clearly Caucasian — that’s just a fact,” her father Lawrence told the outlet at the time. “She is a very talented woman, doing work she believes in. Why can’t she do that as a Caucasian woman, which is what she is?”

In a 2021 appearance on the Tamron Hall Show, she doubled down on her identity. She explained to Hall that she identified as “transracial,” meaning that the way she expresses herself crosses “racial boundaries.”

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