Royal news – live: William serves as usher at duke’s wedding as Harry stays away

Prince Harry snubbed by close friend as Prince William enlisted as usher at high-profile wedding

Prince Harry is set to snub his close friend’s wedding today with a royal expert claiming the decision was taken to avoid his brother, Prince William, who is serving as an usher at the ceremony.

The Duke of Sussex has reportedly refused his invitation to the wedding of Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, and Olivia Henson at Chester Cathedral.

The pair will marry in just a few hours in an event dubbed as the “society wedding of the year”.

Among the plans unveiled this morning, Miss Henson will arrive at the cathedral in a vintage Bentley, made for the founder of Bentley Motors in 1930.

A private wedding reception will be held on the 11,000-acre Eton Estate, just over four miles from the cathedral, where the newly-weds will reportedly reside.

However, only one of the royal brothers will be attending the celebrations amid continued tensions between the pair.

Royal author Tom Quinn told The Mirror: “Harry’s decision not to attend his old friend the Hugh Grosvenor’s wedding was probably inevitable once he realised his brother would be there.”

The King is not expected to attend the nuptials, given his ongoing cancer treatment and his recent appearance at the D-Day commemorations, while Kate remains recuperating at home from chemotherapy.


The 1930-build vintage Bentley car with a maximum speed of 101mph

Olivia Henson will arrive at Chester Cathedral to marry the Duke of Westminster in a vintage Bentley vehicle, originally made for Walter Owen Bentley, the founder of Bentley Motors, in 1930.

The vehicle, provided by the Heritage Collection of Bentley Motors in Crewe, was Mr Bentley’s company car in which he enjoyed drives to the south of France with wife.

Considered a masterpiece, the eight-litre GK 706 model marked the end of a chapter for the first Bentley Motors.

At the time of the car’s launch, Mr Bentley said: “I have always wanted to produce a dead silent 100mph car, and now I think that we have done it.”

There’ll be no driving the steel-framed vehicle at 100mph today, though.

Considered a masterpiece, the eight-litre GK 706 model marked the end of a chapter for the first Bentley Motors
Considered a masterpiece, the eight-litre GK 706 model marked the end of a chapter for the first Bentley Motors (Bentley Media)

Alex Ross7 June 2024 09:18


A vintage Bentley to British-only flowers – what to expect from the ‘society wedding of the year’

We are now just over three hours away from the royal wedding of the Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, and Olivia Henson – and more fine detail has been released on what we can expect.

The pair will marry at Chester Cathedral at noon today, with a spokesperson for them saying this morning that “their own personal stamp” has been laid on all the arrangements.

Particular focus, they said, had been made to involve local and regional suppliers.

And so, the Dean of Chester, the Very Revd Dr Tim Stratford, will lead the ceremony, while the Bishop of Chester, the Right Revd Mark Tanner will conduct the preaching.

The service will be sung by the Chester Cathedral Choir, accompanied by a group of muscians from north west England.

Miss Henson will takel to the cathedral with her father in a vintage Bentley, provided by the Heritage Collection of Bentley Motors in Crewe.

After the ceremony, the Duke and Duchess of Westminster will travel back to Eaton Estate, where they will host a private wedding reception for guests.

All the flowers for the wedding service are British, with the Duke and Miss Henson choosing seasonal flowers sourced from local growers through the “Flowers from the Farm” network, which champions artisan growers.

Alex Ross7 June 2024 08:57


Preparations well underway for Duke of Westminster’s wedding

As the historic city of Chester gets ready for what’s been billed as the “society wedding of the year”, work is well underway this morning to prepare for the ceremony, which begins at midday.

Scaffolding has gone up outside Chester Cathedral as workers add greenery to the external stonework while police are searching the area with sniffer dogs as part of the usual security checks for a royal event.

Last night, Princess Eugenie was among the guests seen at pre-wedding drinks at the Grosvenor hotel, before reportedly leaving with others at around midnight.

Princess Eugenie, a daughter of Prince Andrew, had not been previously confirmed as a guest for the ceremony.

Alex Ross7 June 2024 08:44


Duke of Westminster and Harry reached a ‘civilised understanding’

With Prince Harry set to not make his close friend Hugh Grosvenor’s wedding on Friday, questions have been raised as to why.

There appears to be no question that the Duke of Sussex was invited to the ceremony at Chester Cathedral.

But royal author Tom Quinn told The Mirror that Harry felt he should have been invited to be an usher for his old friend, a role his brother William will take up amid tensions between the pair.

He said: “Harry hates the idea of completely losing touch with his old Etonian and army friends and he was close to Hugh Grosvenor, but attending a wedding at which his brother will be an usher is just history repeating itself in the most painful way.”

Both Harry and Hugh reached a “civilised understanding” on his decision not to attend, according to reports.

Prince Harry is reported to have snubbed an invite to his old friend Hugh Grosvenor’s wedding to Olivia Henson
Prince Harry is reported to have snubbed an invite to his old friend Hugh Grosvenor’s wedding to Olivia Henson (PA)

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ICYMI: Prince Harry to miss Duke of Westminster’s wedding while William set to be usher

Prince Harry is set to miss his close friend’s nuptials on Friday while his brother, Prince William, serves as an usher.

The Duke of Westminster is set to wed his fiancée Olivia Henson, 31, at Chester Cathedral on Friday in what is billed to be the society wedding of the year.

Hugh Grosvenor, 33, has long had close associations with the monarchy and is the godfather of both William and Kate’s eldest son, Prince George, 10, and Harry’s son, Archie, five.

However only one of the royal brothers will be attending the celebrations amid continued tensions between the pair.

A source close to Harry told People magazine that he decided against attending the wedding after acknowledging the difficulties his presence would cause.


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Could the Duke of Westminster’s wedding change a 300-year-old English law?

It could also reflect a potential change in English law should they have children.

Under traditional guidelines, peerages like this only pass to male heirs, which means that should the couple have a daughter, she will be known as a lady and not inherit the dukedom – and notably her family’s considerable wealth.

But the Hereditary Titles (Female Succession) Bill could change everything for their future children and is the reason that the Duke has his family’s vast wealth and not his older sister, Lady Edwina Louise Grosvenor, 42.

Under the new bill, which is set to be given a second reading on 21 June, female heirs could be able to take on a hereditary peerage or baronetcy.

Athena Stavrou7 June 2024 06:00


Where is the Duke of Westminster getting married?

While the specifics of how the venue will be decorated and features like music remain under wraps, it has been confirmed to take place at Chester Cathedral.

The happy couple recently paid the historic building a visit, with Grosvenor joking that his next visit will be “slightly more nerve-wracking.”

The 33-year-old, who famously owns “half of Mayfair”, opened up to the Chester Standard about why it was the perfect venue to marry Henson, an account manager at the environmentally friendly b-corp Belazu, who he met through friends.

Grosvenor, now the third richest man in the UK, inherited his wealth and property empire upon his father’s death in 2016. He has previously worked for environmental causes and runs the Grosvenor Group Limited with sustainability in mind.

“We’ve obviously got a long association with the cathedral as a family so we were here for my father’s memorial, my sister’s wedding and every Remembrance Sunday that I can attend is here,” he said.

A view of the magnificent Chester Cathedral, in the historic city of Chester in Cheshire, UK
A view of the magnificent Chester Cathedral, in the historic city of Chester in Cheshire, UK (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Inside the guest list at ‘society wedding of the year’

There will reportedly be around 400 guests at the Duke of Westminster’s wedding including big names like Prince William and Prince George.

As the Princess of Wales has been out of the spotlight since January, she is not expected to make an appearance, and it is speculated that neither will her younger children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Prince Harry decided against attending the society wedding of the year after acknowledging the difficulties his presence would cause, it has been claimed.

Other notable names set to appear include TV historian Dan Snow, who has been married to Lady Edwina Grosvenor since 2010.

While King Charles and Camilla have been invited, it is not known whether they will attend.

Athena Stavrou7 June 2024 03:30


Harry’s difficult ‘divorce’ – from Hugh Grosvenor’s society wedding of the year

As the Duke of Westminster – formerly ‘Britain’s most eligible bachelor’ – gets married, all eyes are on the biggest name missing from the grandest guest list. Polly Dunbar charts Prince Harry’s sorrowful separation from the ‘sustainable Saltburn set’ he was once so happily at the heart of…

Athena Stavrou7 June 2024 02:00


How much is Hugh Grosvenor worth?

Once described as Britain’s most eligible bachelor, Mr Grosvenor met his new wife through friends and they announced their engagement in 2023.

Since inheriting the Grosvenor Estate in 2016, after the sudden death at the age of 64 of his father, Gerald Grosvenor, his wealth has come under much scrutiny.

Estimated to be worth around £10.127 billion, he owns roughly half of Mayfair and is officially the richest man in the UK under the age of 40.

Athena Stavrou7 June 2024 00:30

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