Stephen Colbert Counts Down to Donald Trump’s Sentencing

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Most late night hosts were off last week after the Memorial Day holiday, which meant Monday was their first chance to discuss how Donald Trump had been found guilty on 34 counts in his hush money trial.

Stephen Colbert continuously referred to the former president as “convicted felon Trump” and wheeled out his “Countdown to Sentencing Advent Calendar,” complete with Judge Juan M. Merchan’s face on each one of the 38 days until July 11, and a bottle of bourbon inside.

“It’s going to be the R.N.C. live from Cell Block B with a keynote speech from his warden, his cellmate Spider, that one guard who smuggles in cellphones up his butt, and, for the cocktail hour, enjoy complimentary toilet wine.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

The longtime friends and collaborators Albert Brooks and Rob Reiner reminisced on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” about getting lost together as teenagers.

Marlon Wayans will appear on Tuesday’s “Daily Show.”

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