Taylor Swift congratulates couple who got engaged at Edinburgh concert

Taylor Swift was the first to congratulate a couple who got engaged at her Eras Tour concert in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The 14-time Grammy winner kicked off the UK leg of her record-breaking Eras Tour in Edinburgh on Friday June 7. In a video from the concert, Swift could be seen on stage performing the track “Cardigan” off her 2020 album, Folklore. The “Shake It Off” singer then appeared to smile as she spotted one couple share a special moment in the crowd at Murrayfield Stadium.

“I love performing this entire show in the sunlight, because I’m pretty sure I just, like, saw somebody getting engaged over here,” Swift said during the concert, according to a viral TikTok video shared by a fan.

As the audience cheered, the 34-year-old pop star pointed to the couple and asked, “Did it happen?”

The newly engaged couple seemingly confirmed the proposal, prompting Swift to raise her arms in the air and shout, “Yes!”

“You have no idea, I never get to see that, right? Because it’s, like, dark usually at night,” she explained to her fans. “But it’s not right now so congratulations. Wow, I just saw that whole thing!”

Swift continued: “That’s amazing. Thanks for doing that at my concert, that’s a big moment – huge!”

The “Anti-Hero” singer performed her first of three shows in Scotland on Friday, where she also kept an eye out for fans who might have become dehydrated during the show. “I’m just gonna keep doing this until [security] know where I’m looking at,” she said, aiming her guitar to a spot in the crowd.

Moments later, her hand froze during a rendition of “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” and Swift had to wrestle with her cramp.

“This is so embarrassing,” she told fans. “I must have done this a million times and my hand has never formed a claw before.”

Most recently, Swift shared a message of support for Lady Gaga after the fellow singer hit back at speculation that she was pregnant. In a video posted to TikTok, the “Poker Face” singer denied the pregnancy rumors while referring to a lyric from Swift’s song, “Down Bad”.

The text over the video read: “Not pregnant – just down bad cryin’ at the gym.”

The “Bad Romance” singer then used the opportunity to encourage her US-based fans to register to vote in the forthcoming presidential election, taking place on November 4. “Register to vote or check if you’re registered EASILY at www.headcount.org,” she wrote in the caption.

In response, Swift took to the comments of Gaga’s TikTok video to also hit back at public scrutiny that women have faced.

“Can we all agree that it’s invasive and irresponsible to comment on a woman’s body,” the “Cruel Summer” singer wrote. “Gaga doesn’t owe anyone an explanation and neither does any woman.”

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