Tell us if more incentives would encourage you to buy an EV

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt ‘missed a massive opportunity’ to boost flagging electric vehicle (EV) sales in the spring Budget this month, critics have said.

The chancellor ignored industry calls to introduce more incentives for private EV buyers, including halving VAT on new EV sales; cutting VAT on public charging to 5 per cent and scrapping new bands that would see EV owners pay Vehicle Excise Duty from 2025.

Manufacturers say the lack of incentives for private buyers will make it increasingly hard for car makers to hit strict targets set out in the Government’s Zero EV (ZEV) Mandate, with a spokesperson for Fiat UK calling the budget “hugely disappointing”.

James Taylor, Vauxhall UK’s managing director, called for the chancellor to set up purchase incentives to “stimulate the electric vehicle market”, adding: “Whilst there are strong incentives for company car drivers to make the switch to electric – including for those choosing luxury vehicles – the private buyer who wants a more attainable small or family car receives nothing.”

We want to know what kind of incentives on private EV purchases would encourage you to make the switch. Would a VAT cut on public charging or a new EV purchase be attractive propositions?

On the other end of the scale, does the introduction of car tax for EVs put you off taking the plunge? And if you already own an EV, what incentives could the government introduce to make it cheaper to run?

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