Will Ferrell revels in being most embarrassing dad ever at son’s prom

Will Ferrell is a comedian on the big screen and at home, staging hilarious stunts for his family on the regular.

On June 11, the actor’s 20-year-old son, Magnus, shared one of his father’s amusing antics. He posted on TikTok to rate his dad’s “joke” with a picture of them together before his prom.

In the image, Ferrell, 56, stands proudly in a slouchy black top hat, maroon robe with gold stitching, and a wide-brimmed white collar. Magnus is in a gray and black striped suit with a polka-dotted undershirt and black tie.

Magnus says his dad “dressed as a medieval lord” to embarrass him – but rated it 10,000 out of 10 for comedy value. Many of his followers agreed, and praised the comedy icon for his silly parenting pranks in the comments.

“I would personally be okay with that because he’s Will Ferrell,” one fan admitted.

Another wrote: “I would be completely okay with my dad doing this if he was Will Ferrell.”

Will Ferrell dressed as a medieval lord to prank his son before prom
Will Ferrell dressed as a medieval lord to prank his son before prom (TikTok/Magnus Ferrell)

A third TikTok user complimented Ferrell’s look to which Magnus responded: “That’s why it was embarrassing cause it looked so good.”

“I just know y’all’s family events are hilarious,” one admirer wrote.

Magnus is the eldest of Ferrell’s three sons with his wife of 24 years, Viveca Paulin, along with Mattias, 17, and Axel, 14.

Speaking with People Magazine in 2008, the Talladega Nights star offered fellow parents some unsolicited advice.

“For me, talk to your children, at least once a week,” he suggested. “If you’ve got time, do it two or three times a week, but otherwise, I find the times where I let weeks and weeks go by without talking to my children, that adds up.”

The biggest adjustment to becoming a father was the lack of peace, Ferrell said during a 2017 interview, noting how the noise of several boys in the house was bad.

“There is usually a high volume in the house. Whether they’re having a great time or whether they’re losing their minds, they are always yelling,” he said.

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