Will Smith and Martin Lawrence react to Jason Kelce not washing his feet

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have voiced their opinions on Jason Kelce’s admission that he doesn’t wash his feet, or his hair.

The argument first began on X, formerly known as Twitter, when the former Eagles center responded to a post made by a person with the username “Big Soap” claiming that Kelce looks like he doesn’t wash his legs or feet.

“What kind of weirdo washes their feet…” he replied.

Although many people replied to the tweet claiming that they wash their legs and feet, he then posted a study on X that claimed: “Fun fact – there was a ‘study’ done where they measured the amount of bacteria between those who actively scrub/wash their legs/feet, vs those who didn’t and there was more bacteria on those who actively washed their legs/feet.”

“All of you have been fed diabolical lies that washing every crevice of your bodies and hair, all the time is somehow better or healthier,” Kelce later proclaimed on the platform. “Any dermatologist not in bed with Big Soap will agree!! Hot spots are all that is necessary and actually leads to cleaner healthier skin.”

On Thursday, June 6, Lawrence and Smith took to their podcast, 7PM in Brooklyn, to give their own opinions on washing the lower half of their bodies while playing a game of “F**kin’ Wit It or F**k Outta Here.”

Podcast host, The Kid Mero, began reading off the comments Kelce made on X to see if Lawrence and Smith were either in favor of or against certain pop culture topics.

Smith immediately began to make faces of disgust while Lawrence chimed in by quickly giving his opinion. “F**k outta here,” he said. “Wash your feet. Nasty a** getting in the bed with them nasty a** feet.”

“‘Cause it’s not [just] the feet. You gotta get in between the toes,” Smith added. “F**k outta here with your stinky a** feet,” Smith, who “doesn’t like feet” in general, concluded.

Kelce recently addressed the criticism of his hygiene habits during a recent episode of his New Heights podcast with his younger brother Travis. “If my feet don’t have visible dirt, like I look at the bottom of them and it doesn’t look dirty, they just look like feet, I’m not taking any type of scrubbing,” Jason said. “They’re getting the soap on the bottom of the shower that rinses off my b***s, my butt, and my armpits.

“And that’s it. I haven’t washed my hair in, like, months,” he added. “I can’t even tell you the last time I washed my hair. It’s unnecessary. It’s completely unnecessary.”

In an attempt to prove his point, Jason then asked Travis if he smelled bad, to which he replied that he doesn’t really “smell” his brother to begin with.

“The only time I smell you is when your pits smell. And you say you wash your pits, so… you might need to stop washing your pits,” the younger Kelce said before admitting that Jason generally doesn’t smell bad.

Travis also admitted on the podcast that there are times when he doesn’t wash his feet either. “I’m not washing my feet every time. But after like a football practice – where my feet have just been like [squishing], yes, I wash my feet,” he said.

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