Woman defended after answering emergency phone call at friend’s unplugged wedding

A woman has been defended for her decision to take an emergency phone call while at her best friend’s wedding, where guests weren’t allowed to use their phones.

In a recent post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” Reddit forum, a woman asked if she was in the wrong for being on her phone during the nuptials. She specified that her best friend since childhood had “an unplugged wedding,” meaning that guests couldn’t to be on their phone at all during the event.

She acknowledged that she “totally respected” the idea, before noting that the “entire morning of [the] wedding was beautiful, and the ceremony was unforgettable”. However, the Reddit user also explained that when the reception started, she received a phone call from her sister, which she didn’t answer. After getting “around 70 calls” from her sister, she decided to answer the phone, which was when she discovered there was a family emergency.

“It got to the point where I had to answer. My best friend is usually understanding so I thought she would be okay with this,” she wrote. “My sister told me my mom was in an accident. (She’s okay btw, only a concussion) Someone saw me on the phone and told my best friend.”

According to the social media user, when she told her best friend she had to leave, the bride “yelled at [her] for being on [her] phone”. When she explained the situation to her friend, she had an unkind reaction, which prompted the Reddit poster to officially leave the wedding.

“She told me that wasn’t an excuse and I could have waited ‘till after the wedding. I left immediately, not only because of her stupidity, but because I also had to go to the hospital,” the woman wrote. “She texted me and [cursed] me out, telling me that it wasn’t that hard to not be on my phone.”

She went on to claim that a few of her friends and the bride’s husband have also “called [her] names”. She noted that while her family has defended her in the situation, she still wants to make things right with the bride.

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