Woman sparks debate after wearing white to her sister’s wedding

The debate about the appropriateness of wearing white to a wedding has been reignited after a woman revealed that she wore the bridal colour to her sister’s nuptials.

In a recent Reddit post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” subreddit, a bride’s sister explained that she wore white to her sister’s wedding and thought it would be acceptable.

“I wore a white shirt and black pants to her wedding, like most of the men there,” she explained in her post. “The dress code for the wedding was formal and women can’t wear white but I thought it’d be okay because I wasn’t wearing a dress.”

Unfortunately, the woman said her sister did end up becoming upset with her, making the claim that attention was “stolen from her” because both of them were wearing white.

“I didn’t stand out at all. I was wearing a plain shirt and black pants. I blended in with other people. I didn’t mean to upset her though I honestly thought it would be okay,” the Reddit post concluded.

In response to the post, many people took to the comments to weigh in, with some finding flaws in both arguments.

“Nobody is going to mistake a woman in a white shirt and black pants for the bride. I think the whole ‘you wore white-how dare you’ thing is a red herring,” one comment began.

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